ForestSAT 2018

Entering a New Era in Forest Observation and Analysis

The Association for Forest Spatial Analysis Technologies (ForestSAT) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the application of spatial analysis technologies in forestry and to fostering a quantitative comprehension of how these technologies may be used to map, monitor and model forests and the ecosystem services they provide. ForestSAT aims to facilitate cooperation among research organizations, universities, government agencies, and the private sector.

The biennial ForestSAT conference has emerged as the leading international gathering of researchers, practitioners and stakeholders interested in the development and use of established and emerging technologies for the observation and analysis of forests. ForestSAT2018 marks the eighth meeting of this conference which provides a forum for discovery and discussion of the latest research in remote sensing and geomatics for forestry applications.

Underpinning ForestSAT is the recognition that effective forest management requires the integration of a vast and ever expanding array of spatial data: from multiple remote sensing systems on the ground, in the air and in space, to traditional, field-based forestry information, to biodiversity and habit quality surveys. Furthermore, our ability to predict and plan for changes in forest ecosystem services mandates the inclusion of socio-environmental information and synthesis. ForestSAT stresses the data and tools required to address multiple objectives, such as meeting the needs of local forest managers, informing forest ecosystem models, and monitoring systems in support of international agreements.

The ongoing and expected launch of a next generation of satellite remote sensing systems (hyperspectral, radar, lidar, and cubesat technologies), the explosion of drone-based and in-situ network forest observation systems, and the ability to fuse and mine large quantities of data from these sources is revolutionizing how we monitor and model forests. ForestSAT 2018 brings its participants to the forefront of this revolution. ForestSAT 2018 has five thematic areas focused on capturing these new observations and approaches in the application of spatial of analysis technologies in forestry: (1) Global forest observation; (2) New approaches to forest ecosystem modeling; (3) Remote sensing fusion; (4) Forest mapping and inventory; (5) Forest Management and Policy.

More detail on the themes of ForestSAT 2018 can be found here.




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